Shepherd of beings endowed with souls, both people and animals
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"Do animals have souls and do they understand feelings?
Such a question can be posed only be one who lacks equally the one and the other..."
Eugen Drewermann


I had a dream about the Church, manifesting to the current world the Good News about the Love of God, and having before its eyes not only people, but also animals... a Church which, hearing the Gospel Words of Jesus: "Whatsoever you do for one of these least of my brethren you do unto me" (Mt 25; 40), applies it both deliberately and heartily to the animal world... and who announces it to them and does not see in them any scandal or opposition, but simply the all-embracing Love of the Good God and the essential calling of the Gospel.


The altar will always be associated with a special place, and properly so, - a place where one touches the Mysteries of God, a place where one meets God Himself, a place where man calls upon God, where man, conscious of his own weakness as well as God's Power, Goodness and Love, with eyes turned to heaven gives thanks, apologizes, and begs... Before this altar, dressed in priestly stole and alb, besides my faithful and friendly dog, surrounded by other animals and friendly people...  I, whether on a patch of green meadow, on a dirt trail or asphalt pathway, will pray, bless, shepherd, thank, forgive, beg.

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