Shepherd of beings endowed with souls, both people and animals
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"Do animals have souls and do they understand feelings?
Such a question can be posed only be one who lacks equally the one and the other..."
Eugen Drewermann

The altar will always be associated with a special place, and properly so, - a place where one touches the Mysteries of God, a place where one meets God Himself, a place where man calls upon God, where man, conscious of his own weakness as well as God's Power, Goodness and Love, with eyes turned to heaven gives thanks, apologizes, and begs...

Before this altar, dressed in priestly stole and alb, besides my faithful and friendly dog, surrounded by other animals and friendly people... I, whether on a patch of green meadow, on a dirt trail or asphalt pathway, will pray, bless, shepherd, thank, forgive, beg.

I wish to give thanks for the gift of the presence of animal beings on this earth, for their external beauty, marvelous friendship, for which they often pay a terrible price... for all this that they do for us, and they do not just a little... and for the people who give them their time, their strength, their hearts...

Before this altar I wish to beg that the Good God, in a gesture of blessing over these human and animal beings, would stretch out His hands, accompanying their daily deeds with His Blessings... I will implore God that the numbers of these people and, thanks to them, these fortunate animals would continually grow...

Before this altar I wish to ask forgiveness of God for that which we have done and continue to do towards these, His least brethren, for every tear shed by them, their abundant sufferings and fears rising to heaven, for every drop of blood shed by them, for every quiet agony, beginning with a life filled with pain and suffering in many homes and ending in the dramatic hours, days and months spent crucified in transport... and whose ultimate crowning is a no less terrifying death.

On this altar, wherever it is placed or erected, there will always arise toward heaven the cries of a more evangelical world, a more Christ-like world, a new civilization based in love, a civilization in which animal beings and human beings will feel good, fortunate, as if in their own homes... where both can live in peace.

This altar is an invitation to all, for whom the welfare of animals lays on their hearts and who not only believe in a new world and new heaven, but who also wish to see a trace of it now, here, on earth...

This altar is the heart of the sanctuary in which will arise an adequate place for one and the other, for animals and for people... a place in which there will no longer be a need to talk about God because we will perceive Him... especially in the blessed gaze in the eyes of men and animals, without the slightest difference...


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